Bundled with a slew of highly animated and configurable Title Screens!

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What is it all about?

This resource is no longer being developer or supported. More info.

The Ultimate Title Screens resource is one elegant script to offer you a range of 8 highly animated title screens. No more are the days of players booting up your game to a static image! Add life to the first, defining moments of your game with this script. This script is for Pokémon Essentials, and does not work alongside other kits.

The installation process is as simple as clicking a button, and all the scripts and resources will keep themselves automatically up to date. New!

Carefully read the instructions and the Terms of Use before proceeding to download this system.

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Small examples of what to expect with this resource

Generation 1

True to the FR/LG days.

Generation 2

Taking inspiration from HG/SS.

Generation 3

Go old school, or embrace OR/AS.

Generation 4

For those spookier vibes.

Generation 5

Showcase your favourite Pokémon.

Generation 6

Beautiful scenery, with even more particles.

Generation 7

Calm, simple, yet effective.


A few particles, and parallaxed background.

How to implement?

Getting the new system to work has been made even easier! There is no need for you to worry and try to figure out how to install something, as everything will be done for you. From the download section below, download the Universal Plugin Installer. Then simply extract and run the installer in order to get this resource working in your own project.

All of the configuration constants can be found within the script Settings. These have been commented in great detail, so please be sure to read what each of the configuration constants do. New!

Seriously, that's all there is to it. After installing the resource from the Universal Plugin Installer, you can simply head over to your project folder, run the Game.exe and appreciate the results.

Terms of Use

1. You may use this system for any and all personal (non-commercial) purposes.

2. You may modify this system. Should you wish to do so, you take all responsibility for any outcomes the modifications may have done to your system. If you agree to this, you also agree to the right of Luka S.J. from withholding any assistance when it comes to issues that may have arisen due to the modifications of this system. Any persistent and repeated asking for help of modified instances of this resource will be treated as spam, and be promptly deleted.

3. You may not use this system in any commercial projects.

4. You may not claim this system as your own. Whenever using or showcasing parts of this system, full credits must be given at all times.

5. You may not re-distribute this system.

6. You may not bundle this system with unauthorized packs.

7. You may not use footage of this resource (unless you're showcasing modifications done to it) in order to promote your game on forums or social media.

8. You agree to not ask any questions that have already been addressed in the F.A.Q., tutorial videos by Luka S.J. and the instructions of this system. Any such questions will be treated as spam, and be promptly deleted.

9. By accepting the 'Terms of Use' you confirm that you have read all the information and instructions provided to you on this page, and that you agree with the rules set for the usage of this system.



  • Mario Gamer and YoshiCLONE | Spritesheet rips of FRLG intro


  • Designs, graphics and codes for all the Title screens (and additional animations)


  • Luka S.J. | Ultimate Title Screens

Background Music:

  • GameFreak | BGMs for the official Title Screen tracks

I have read and agree to the above written Terms of Use:


Q: How do I get that little clip at the end of the demo video playing?

A: This little clip is dependant on some EBS functions, so you'll need to install that into your game, and set the style to 6.

Q: The Gen 6 style is really laggy for me. Why?

A: If you're playing on large screensizes, the intro where angular transformations get applied causes lag due to the limitations of RMXP.

Q: Can I mix and match different intros with different Title Screens.

A: You can currently only mix the intro clips (configured through PLAY_INTRO_SCENE) with different styles (configured through SCREENSTYLE)

Q: How do I get this to work with a DS layout?

A: As of version 2.0, this script is no longer compatible with any DS styled kits.

Q: Help, I'm getting a 'NameError' 'uninitialized constant' (PBSpecies) error!?

A: This just means that you haven't compiled your game data yet. Please do so.

Q: I'm getting 'Critical Error' messages!?!

A: That has nothing to do with this resource, and could occour from a multitude of reasons. A common one being that people tend to use pirated versions of RMXP. Another, is a mismatch of the version of RMXP that you are running and the RGSS10xE.dll Library in your project folder.