Universal Plugin Installer

Intuitive UI

A simple graphical interface to assist in exploring all the plugins for your project.

Easy Installation

All the back-end nonsense gets done for you. Install, uninstall or update; right from the app!

The easy way to spice up your fan-games

Why go with UPI?

Plugins/tutorails/editors for you to utilize

Users using the UPI

Unique resource downloads

Easy Install

Let the Installer worry about properly implementing all the scripts, resources, configurations and their appropriate updates.

Always up to date

Keep all your scripts up to date, with a single click of a button. Get notified when updates, new resources and other features are available.

Stay in touch

Get notified of the latest resources, updates and other community events, as well as new OTA enabled features - straight from the app!

How do I install?

Before you even consider using the Universal Plugin Installer, there are certain things to watch out for. You will need to meet the following requirements in order to be able to run the Universal Plugin Installer on your system at all!

  • UPI requires an active Internet connection to work
  • You need to install Microsoft's .NET Framework in order to use the UPI (v 3.5 or above required)

If you're getting a Script is hanging error message during any process while using the Universal Plugin Installer, or if you're getting an error message with the Sockets script; the program is unable make an active HTTP request, and therefore times out. Check your Anti-virus, Firewall and other 3rd party application settings to make sure they aren't interfering with the Universal Plugin Installer's ability to download files from the internet. Extremely poor/slow Internet connections can also cause the program to time out. Hamachi has also been reported to cause issues with the HTTP sockets. Running the Universal Plugin Installer from an external device has also been reported to sometimes time out, due to the slower read/write speeds.

If you had already used the Universal Plugin Installer (v1) before, and had older versions of the plugins already injected into your project, you will have to manually remove those from your project first, in order to use this new version of the Universal Plugin Installer. Failing to do so can seriously mess up your project, or at the very least crash the Universal Plugin Installer.

Scroll to the bottom of the site to get to the download link. Your end result should look something like this:

Feel free to make a backup of your project. Nothing will go wrong when using the Universal Plugin Installer, but just for the sake of being extra safe: it is always recommended to make a backup first!

The UI itself is very intuitive, and only requires your mouse to navigate. Make use of the descriptors for the on-screen navigation buttons, and have a good time. You can find all the various configuration constants for your installed plugins in the main Settings script in your project (first script listed in the script editor).

Final note! Do all the installing, uninstalling and updating of the various plugins exclusively through the Universal Plugin Installer. Certain data gets stored internally to make sure that the Installer is able to revert your project to a state before the plugin's installation. Manually deleting the plugins can then cause the uninstallation or updating of the plugin to fail. Letting the app do its job will make everything easier for everyone!
Devs publishing on the Platform

Luka S.J.


If you are a developer, we'd love to have you publish your resources on the Universal Plugin Installer as a platform. Unfortunately right now, this option is still not available.

Thank you to the following people for making the Universal Plugin Installer a reality!


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