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About Me.

I'm a hobbyist game designer/developer, most proficiently versed in object orientated programming Ruby; more specifically the variant RGSS (Ruby Game Scripting System). Initially I took an interest in the general concept of designing video games, which inadvertently grew into something much larger. Along the road I taught myself how to program, graphics design as well as sound design and musical composition.

I like to code and create different resources. Sometimes these are public, sometimes these are private; but I used to actively work on public fan-game related resources, which helped aspiring developers make their games just a little more spicy.

Recently I've started playing around with a bit of HTML, CSS and JS - and have been using the Bootstrap and jQuery framework in order to design websites (the one you're currently viewing). I've also had a presence on YouTube, consistently growing my channel. I published tutorials on RGSS coding and all my publically released resources, and held livestreams of my work sessions.

Recent Work

A few projects that I'm currently working on.


Should you wish to contact me, the best method to do so would be through the Discord chatroom.